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Welcome to Portabella's - Food Family Fun

Our Story

Since 1937, Portabella’s has been serving up our signature eats and friendly smiles, despite some confusion with an insurance company that opened the same year.

Alibaster T. Banger


Portabella's Apron T-Shirt

Portabella’s Apron T-shirt

Slamtime! Cap

Slamtime! Cap

Souvenir Ice Cream Hard Hat

Souvenir Ice Cream
Hard Hat

Bag o’Flair

Bag o’Flair (“a grab-bag of fun!”)

*Note: Due to an ongoing trademark dispute with Progressive Insurance, we are currently unable to sell any Portabella’s merchandise.


”Wait so is Portabella’s part of Progressive, or is Progressive part of Portabella’s? Either way I don’t care.”

Angela R.

”Not sure why the Progressive insurance people started a restaurant but the meatball bangers were pretty good.”

Seth P.

”If you ever wondered what would happen if an insurance company pretended to open a fictional chain restaurant, why are you wondering that, you need to reevaluate your life.”

Irene Z.

”I walked into Portabella’s looking for a simple meal and came out questioning my entire reality.”

Josh L.